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Gaeliel Apostolou

Oct 2013 Northern California

Gaeliel was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a remedy for her insomnia. She began practicing Kundalini yoga in 2001 and was immediately hooked as it was the only thing she found that naturally worked to balance herself and to sleep. Experiencing first hand how powerful yoga, the breath and meditation were, she naturally had a passion to share this with others. She completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training program in 2007 at Yoga Phoenix and her 500 hour training program in 2014 with Dave’s Astanga Yoga Studio.

Coming from a physically active background and training as a dancer throughout her life, she has always understood the importance of movement in the body and that each person’s body works differently. She incorporates this awareness into her classes and is a huge fan of adjustments. Gaeliel believes yoga shouldn’t be painful and there is no competition. She strives to encourage her students to accept themselves wherever they are and only measure their progress against themselves, not the person next to them.

One of her favorite things to teach is meditation because she believes that through meditation a person can process many layers within themselves that could be consciously or unconsciously affecting their lives negatively. Gaeliel has explored and studied many forms of meditation and enjoys helping others find what meditation works for them.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate; it’s just finding the way that works best for you,

In addition to teaching yoga, Gaeliel is an Integrative Wellness Coach, who specializes in outdoor coaching and corporate wellness programs. She believes everything is interconnected and strives to help others find balance within their mind, body and soul. Her background is working within the social work field and she specializes in working with women. She loves to travel and explore the beauty of mother earth whenever possible!

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