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Nicole Hamic

For Nicole Hamic, yoga has been an epic journey inside the self over the last 14 years. She came to the practice of yoga looking for a way to heal her body from some major injuries and continues to see yoga as a way to heal the body, respect each of our own limitations, reach for the edges of our abilities, and explore the realm of the heart and mind.

After starting her yoga “career” in LA Nicole spent 9 years in Oregon before recently moving back to Phoenix (she grew up in Ahwatukee) and becoming part of the burgeoning community of Downtown Phoenix. She feels blessed to have trained and practiced with some famous and fabulous yogis throughout the years but feels that we each are our own best teachers. A teacher is there to help you see that. As a full time licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, doula and mommy of a sweet baby girl her passion for healing and the miracle of the body is what feeds her every day. She feels blessed to spend each day helping others and serving those in her community as they heal and grow.

Nicoles teaching style

Nicole HamicWith a background in dance, but a history of injury, Nicole’s classes have a very strong alignment focus blended with vinyasa-style movement.

Each class is different and asks students to take a deep look inside of themselves for that time that they are on their mat. She blends her unique style with humor and the wisdom collected over many years on and off the mat.

She loves nothing more than helping her students realize their awesome potential in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

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