Marek Lubomirski

Marek initially became drawn to yoga through a growing interest in body awareness, flexibility and mental clarity.

It didn’t take long for yoga to become a daily practice, whether that meant rolling out his mat in one of his favorite classes or finding a quiet spot to sit in stillness.

Growing up in the Valley of the Sun, Marek has been happily living in midtown and downtown Phoenix since 2009. Phoenix’s powerful and growing yoga community is a huge inspiration to Marek’s practice and teachings.

Honored to be a mentee of Phoenix master teachers Jenn Chiarelli, Danielle Godfrey, Tara Martell and Nicole Hamic, his study & dedicated practice includes a balance of: meditation, asana, pranayama, chanting and sound healing.

Marek’s classes provide a peaceful space for strengthening, healing and discovering growth while consciously connecting breath with movement.

Marek was drawn to yoga through his interest in body awareness, flexibility and mental clarity.


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