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200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

The most unique and comprehensive yoga teacher training in the valley.

Find your voice and see your purpose clearly

Embark on a deep journey into consciousness
through practice, empowerment and relationship to Self.

200 hour yoga teacher training at Ironwood Yoga Studios with Denise Payne

Ironwood Yoga Studios is thrilled to be partnering with the one and only Denise Payne.

Internationally-renowned yoga teacher, training facilitator, and founder of the One Song Yoga School, Denise’s teacher training course gets to the heart and core of yoga.

The essence of this course is yoga, but whatever your passion or calling may be, this training will qualify you to teach what you love to your fullest potential.

Regardless of any previous trainings, courses, or workshops you have taken, One Song Yoga and Ironwood Yoga Studios provides a completely unique opportunity to uncover the richness within your sacred self and the tools to become the person that you are meant to be.

Denise has more than 35 years of continuous experience on the mat, including studying with yoga masters Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa and Dharma Mittra. Denise offers a powerful and intimate journey from the self to the sacred center of the self.

Gain a greater understanding of what yoga actually is, it’s subtleties & complexities as well as how and why it works in your everyday life.

Whether you are looking to deepen your own knowledge and practice OR learn how to translate these powerful teachings in an effective way, join us for the most unique and comprehensive yoga teacher training in Phoenix.

This training is

for you if:


You’re a dedicated yogi and feel drawn to study further and teach others


You are newer to yoga, but love learning and want to immerse yourself and deepen your knowledge


Are a certified yoga teacher and would like to get your 500 hours – (upon completion of this 200 hour training, you will do a final 100 hour project with Denise)

In this training you will learn


Asana styles – the differences and similarities


Exploration of and integrating the subtle bodies


Intelligent sequencing


Applied Anatomy


History and Philosophy of Yoga


Mantra, Mudra, and Meditation


How students learn


In-depth Teaching Methodologies


Sanskrit – the language of yoga

Module Details

Module 1

Asana, The Subtle Body, Alignment and You

In this module, we will cover the Chakras and Koshas, how they band together to create the basis for your personal alignment, create stability and freedom in movement, and support our explorations in “Seeing Bodies”.

There will be in depth looks into the relevance of a personal practice, creativity through mastery, and the understanding of the rhythm of a class.

Module 2

Anatomy, The Art of Adjustments, Energetics of Assisting

The focus of this module will be a study of physical anatomy, how it relates to asana, the subtle bodies, and detailed work in alignment and adjustments.

This time will be designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of our physical structure and the importance of the balance between strength and flexibility, as well as detailed looks into sequencing and verbal cueing with purpose.

Module 3

History and Philosophy, Mudra, Mantra, and Meditation

Teaching Methodology and Technique Yoga Philosophy, Mudras (hand gestures), mantras (chants) and meditation will support the study of this module as well as heighten your awareness of the subtler aspects of your yoga practice.

Your personal practice, the fundamentals and creative aspects of sequencing will begin to form this week, as your knowledge of yoga expands, so will the depth of your teaching.

Additional Topics

The following topics will be weaved

throughout this training:


How the act of teaching can serve your community in a greater way


Learning how to cue your students in a way that creates trust


Building your class size


Ethics and facets of a teacher


The significance of taking care of yourself as a teacher to prevent burnout


Supporting your students enthusiasm for yoga


Understanding of the business of yoga

Practicum will be a large part of this program, preparing you to teach in a more effective way.

You will be teaching throughout the course from the very beginning with feedback that focuses on your strengths, and following Module 2, you’ll have real life experience in assisting and adjusting in designated classes on the schedule at Ironwood, and eventually teaching sequences in classes.

We will spend a great deal of time practicing, teaching and developing cohesiveness with all the elements explored, and refining you and your voice as a teacher. Led practice, lecture, open discussion, group and partner work, and posture clinics will be the common elements within each module.

Each day, we will follow a basic schedule that will include a led practice, (unless self practice is our focus) technique, methodology, and posture clinics. This program will be spread over the course of 6 months. We believe this is the most optimal way to integrate these teachings into your life and cultivate a fun and supportive environment to apply all you are learning.

Homework and self-study subjects will be given at the end of each module weekend.

Schedule + Details

Schedule of your 200 hours

Fridays 6:00-9:00pm, Saturdays 12:30p-7:30p, Sundays 9:30a-3:30p

January 24-26
February 7-9, 21-23
March 6-8, 20-22

April 10-12, 24-26
May 8-10,22-24
June 5-7 Graduate!

Tuition – $3,200 | Payment plans available

What’s Included:

  • One Song Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Book on the Sutras
  • Mala
  • 6 months of Unlimited Yoga at Ironwood Yoga Studios
  • Upon completion of training students will receive teacher training certificate


  • 6 months consistent yoga practice.  If you do not have 6 months of consistent yoga practice you are welcome to take this training, however, we will ask you to agree to practice for one year before teaching
  • Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar (Book not included in tuition)
  • The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V Desikachar (Book not included in tuition)

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Teacher Bios

Meet your instructors and special guest teachers for trainings and workshops.


Internationally-renowned yoga teacher, training facilitator, and founder of the One Song Yoga School, Denise is the first internationally recognized Yin Yoga Master Teacher by the Yoga Alliance of Australia.

With more than 35 years of continuous experience on the mat, including studying with yoga masters, Dharma Mittra, Sat Jiwan Singh Khalsa, Yogi Bhajan, and Myuran Sukamaran, Denise offers a powerful and intimate journey from the self to the sacred center of the self.

Leah Bosworth Ironwood Yoga Studios

Leah Bosworth

Leah is the founder and owner of Ironwood Yoga Studios. She began studying yoga in 1997 while pursuing her acting career in NYC, and quickly fell in love with the practice.

Leah’s 15 years plus of yoga experience, in combination with 10 years studying and teaching alongside Fay Simpson, creator of the Lucid Body Technique, have given Leah a deep understanding of the power of precise alignment, the intricacies of the human mind and spirit, and how to teach with an open and fearless heart.

Leah Bosworth Ironwood Yoga Studios

Gila Shire – Restorative yoga

Having a great love & respect for this wonderful practice after discovering it during YTT! Gila studied restorative yoga under Judith Lasater in 2003, the mother of Restorative yoga. Now for over a decade Gila has been part of countless programs here in the valley, teaching restorative and also prenatal sessions to 200hr and/or 300hr programs. Gila developed a 20hr prenatal curriculum which is offered several times a year throughout the valley. She is very passionate about these special styles, sharing the importance, beauty & wisdom of these important practices with teachers to be!

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