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Ironwood Yoga is not the performance of magical or mystical feats. Or some form of self-torture such as lying on a bed of nails, chewing glass or piercing one’s self with pins and needles. Ironwood Yoga is a place to nourish your soul, unwind and be yourself. A place to sweat, heal and grow. To cool down and slow down. Come as you are—not as who you think you should be. Yoga is not about being flexible or strong or understanding a foreign language. You don’t have to eat quinoa, chickpeas or grass. It is about paying attention to your body, mind and spirit. To what sets your heart on fire. It is not selfish. It’s giving to yourself so you can give to others. Ironwood Yoga is strong, steady, and fierce. It takes grit. Ironwood is a place to celebrate culture, differences, and sameness. It’s physical, it’s spiritual, it’s personal. Get out of your head and into your body. Let go of your ego. Make time for you because you are important. No excuses. Yoga is not about putting your leg behind your head although that can be fun. It is about being surprised by the smile on your face. So you did a handstand—big deal. Can you forgive? It’s happily surrendering the remote. Giving your sweetie a neck massage because you can. Living from a place of bliss. Ironwood Yoga is getting your ass off the couch because your life has meaning. It is expansive inspired friendship and playfully compassionate. It’s burning through the limiting beliefs that hold you back. You might sweat or even cry, but that is a good thing. We will hold space for you to explore the endless possibilities of your soul. It’s all okay. Take like as it comes. Look forward to reading your kids their bedtime story at night and linger instead of rushing off… to do the dishes. Stop talking, stop doing and BE. Find power in stillness. Find grace. Stay open. Call your mama more often. Be nicer to people not because it’s the right thing to do, but because you actually want to -because it’s authentic. Yoga is connecting your deepest truest self. It’s your breath, your life force. It takes courage. Get on your mat to tame the beast and meet the demands of life with ease and grace.

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