Brittany Shulla

Brittany Shulla’s yoga journey started in 2010 when she was hired at the front desk of Lifepower yoga in Phoenix Arizona.

She practiced yoga for work and for her dancing only to soon realize it was so much beyond the physical fitness. Brittany had previously suffered from severe anxiety and eating disorders. Struggling with weight and self love was a common trend for Brittany until her lifestyle changed. Along with therapy, nutrition coaching and yoga she was completely able to turn her life around. Not only did she healthily and safely lose 75lbs, she also found mental and emotional stability.

“Yoga helped me to find my well-being, my inner power. The sense of calm the practice brings helped me to re-connect to myself when I was lost. And it’s always there for me when I have another disconnect from a bump in the road. Now I am in a place in life where I am ready to pass the torch; to share these amazing practices and teachings to others. Just like the ebb and flow of a class, there are the ups and downs ins and outs of life.

“If I can assist people in finding the strength and beauty within so that they can share themselves with the world then I have done my job as a yoga teacher. Self-love, feeling good and knowing there is some perfection in every situation is what I wish to inspire in others.” — Brittany Shulla

“yoga helped me to find my well-being, my inner power”


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