DJ”s “DK & Drea Strickler

“Spiritual Thing” is a forward-thinking, sound-triggered healing modality for the body, mind & soul.

Founded by the husband-wife duo of DK & Drea Strickler — owners of Phoenix’s premier entertainment suite, Desert House Productions — these two spiritually conscious, seasoned yogis & DJs of 15 years (who they themselves met through the virtues of music) have redirected their proficiency in the art of spinning records to the art of spinning Chakras.

The Purpose:

After over 30 combined years of working in the music & nightclub industries, DK & Drea decided to take their love of resonating with the dance floor out of ego & substance-soaked venues, and bring the permeating power of music to a more medicinal medium. These provisions to the people were born from the desire to offer assistance to anyone in need of help, by unifying global consciousness via fostering the inherent human harmonies of connection & love, effectively offering respite from the dizzying patterns of modern life while shattering ego and reconnecting with Mother Earth & spirit. Passed down from the knowledge, blessings & gratitude from the founder’s teachers before them, Spiritual Thing intends to help align the central chakra channel & further open the heart space; maximizing the capacity for both self-directed & selfless expressions of love’s most pure energies.

Dave (“DK”) Strickler: Veteran DJ, music producer, drummer, percussionist, lover, laugher, father, yogi, & certified Gong master

Drea Strickler: Veteran DJ, music producer, mother, lover, yogi, classically trained pianist/composer, recipient of B.A. in Music Theory & Composition

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