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Part 2: The Build Out

by | Apr 7, 2015 | News + Events

So I have this big beautiful warehouse to build my dream yoga studio.  Now what do I do!?

Ironwood Yoga Studios

Well, luckily for me as I said in Part 1: The Dream; the ripple effect worked on Scott too. Scott Mills, my BF for the past 8 years just happens to be really good at building things.  Well, it’s not really accidental. He didn’t just wake up one morning and know how to build this ridiculously amazing walnut table.  He’s kinda been working on his craft for around 30 years now.


coffee tableHe started getting excited about the idea that we could build and be a part of a really creative artistic and talented community.

He would never actually say it like that, but he fantasizes all the time about craftsman, designers, artists and musicians coming together and joining forces to make really cool art, furniture and rocking out. dancing, jamming, creating, sparks flying whatever, drinking wine and telling stories.


He’s really a closet people person.

So once I was committed to my dream, we started looking at how his would fit in too.  It was pretty obvious that we needed to combine our talents if this was gonna work.


I’ll create the business and you make me whatever I want.  :D  Seems like a fair deal.

It’s hard to describe what Scott does.  I often refer to him as my mad scientist.  He has so many ideas in his head he can barely contain them. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning at like 6am.  He’s already been up for two hours and building a 3rd bathroom or something.


He get’s an idea and then he just makes it -usually so fast it will leave your head spinning.

I have a very strong vision for what I want Ironwood to look and feel like and luckily alot of our ideas are similar or compliment each other pretty well.  But basically, I said this is what I want now “go”.  And so he went to work, repurposing doors, inlaying steel in my walls, and building me the most beautiful front door you have ever seen. It’s not unlike unleashing the tasmanian devil.  But in a good way.  :)


He is building me a custom yoga studio. How crazy cool is that?

His current project is framing out our two front windows in steel, closing off a door with a detachable steel planter and a window that opens into the space with a block and tackle. [that about sums him up]

Once that is done, we will be pretty close.  We’ll still have to clean up, paint and put the bamboo floors in but that will be the easy part.  Then we will start having some soft openings while we continue to work on the outside patio and a about million other things. But you won’t mind.

So stay tuned for the latest updates on what’s being built next and we’ll keep you posted on when we can actually start doing yoga!!!


Get the Grit—inspiration & yoga tips
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