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7 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Energy Now

Energy is one of our most valuable commodities. These days, it seems that everyone and everything is trying to extract as much of our energy as possible.  Our day is filled with checking things off our list and a lot of staring into screens looking for answers. We...

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Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight

Most of us have heard by now that yoga is "good for you" but can yoga help you lose weight? The short answer is yes. But it's important to understand why & how this is possible so that you can incorporate yoga into your life in an even more powerful and...

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Yoga for Low Back Pain (3 Easy Poses)

In our modern world, mild low back pain can be a tough thing to combat. We spend way too much of our day in this sort of hunched-over posture while driving, doing the dishes, sitting at our computer, and about 80% of our daily activities. A regular yoga practice is...

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How to Practice Extended Child’s Pose Stretch

Practice extended child's pose stretch to help to draw energy inward creating a calming and soothing effect. This is a wonderful way to "cool yourself down" physically, mentally, or emotionally. Remember that, yoga is not about "doing a pose", but about awareness of...

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Start Your Online Yoga Practice

You now have yoga at your fingertips, don't have to spend time in traffic to get to a class and you can even practice in your pj's; yet somehow it can seem hard to know where to start. Whenever I am struggling with something it's usually because I have not made a...

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Get the Grit—inspiration & yoga tips
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