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What are crystals?

by | Apr 12, 2020 | Lifestyle, Yoga

Crystals, gemstones, and rocks were all formed on the earths surface millions even billions of years ago typically during times of change. Energy and wisdom from the beginning of time is in each crystal or stone.

Crystals carry a vibration and they change the energy around them. If you’re holding a crystals it will change your vibration as well. Crystals like our bodies have auras of their own when they interact with us our energies connect and exchange. Crystal therapy is one of a number of healing techniques that can change our vibration.


Crystals can help emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. An example would be if you’re experiencing a migraine you can use a crystal on your forehead for 10 minutes to change the frequency of the body.

The main things crystals do:
1) crystals can help tune your intuition especially at the Ajna Cakra.
2) Add focus to meditation
3) Clear emotional blockages
4)  Cleanse people and spaces (place throughout your house)
5) Stimulate creativity and ideas


Crystals help speed up things that would happen anyway in a healing way by moving energy. Example, Carnelian stone helps with a cold. It’s doesn’t cure a cold but speeds up the symptoms so it may worsen for 12 hours versus lingering for a week.

Crystals have been worked with by medicine people around the world for thousands of years. Without crystals we wouldn’t have rockets, lunar landers, lasers, watches, and computer chips.


I always say pick the one you’re visually drawn to first. This is usually the universe picking what we need versus what we think we need.

Once you pick a crystal or mala attune your energy together. Sit with your crystal in your left hand the receiving side of the body and take a few deep breaths, inhale to receive and exhale to release. Then begin to think of the crystal melting into the palm of your hand and becoming a part of you. Sit like this for 5 min so your energies have attuned and connected to each other.

Crystals pick up energy so be sure to cleanse your crystals at the full moon by placing them in your window. 

You can always customize a mala or learn to grid with crystals for more advanced work. Check out for more info on crystals and malas.  Use Code Ironwood for 20% off





Get the Grit—inspiration & yoga tips
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